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JOHN - The Light Shines in the Darkness
A Bible Study Course on the Gospel of Christ according to John
PART 2 - Light Shines in the Darkness (John 5:1 - 11:54)
C - Jesus' Last Journey to Jerusalem (John 7:1 - 11:54) The Parting of Darkness and Light
1. The words of Jesus at the feast of tabernacles (John 7:1 – 8:59)

e) Sin is bondage (John 8:30-36)

JOHN 8:30-32
30 As he spoke these things, many believed in him. 31 Jesus therefore said to those Jews who had believed him, “If you remain in my word, then you are truly my disciples. 32 You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Christ’s humble but impressive testimony affected many listeners. They inclined to believe in him as coming from God. Jesus felt their trust in him and accepted their readiness to heed. He urged them not just to believe his Gospel, but to think over his words and join him, so as to abide in him, just as the branch in the vine; so that his Spirit may flow into their hearts and thoughts without obstruction; so as to drive them to accomplish his will in practice. Whoever fulfills Christ’s words thus, realizes the truth. For truth is no mere thought, but practical reality in which we share by the conduct of our lives.

God’s truth is first of all speech that is sincere and wise; secondly it is to know God as Father, Son and Holy Ghost in the unity of love and effort. As we become rooted in Christ, we realize the beauty of the Holy Trinity.

Knowing God transforms our life. We know God to the extent that we love others. He who does not love does not know God. In knowing God through Christ’s words we are freed from selfishness. To talk of repentance or legalistic duties will not liberate us from the slavery of sin; what will is knowing the love of God, the acceptance of the Son’s pardon, and the coming of the Spirit into our lives. The love of God is what can break the chains of selfishness and egoism.

JOHN 8:33-36
33 They answered him, “We are Abraham’s seed, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How do you say, ‘You will be made free?’” 34 Jesus answered them, “Most certainly I tell you, everyone who commits sin is the bondservant of sin. 35 A bondservant doesn’t live in the house forever. A son remains forever. 36 If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

The Jews were perplexed; their forefathers had lived four hundred years under Pharaoh’s bondage in Egypt, and they considered themselves liberated by God’s might, since He had brought them out of that bondage (Exodus 20:2). So Jesus’ words vexed them when he denied that they were freed.

Jesus had to deflate the pride of those who had begun to believe in him. He showed them that they were slaves of sin, and captives of Satan. If we fail to realize the dead weight of our bondage we shall not long for salvation. He who knows himself to be incapable of overcoming his sins is the one who will ask God to save him. Here we see the reason why so many people do not seek Jesus; it is that they think themselves not needing his salvation.

Jesus declares forcibly, "Whoever sins, becomes sin’s slave. Many a young man begins his life with lies, sloth, and trivia. They played about with sin and wallowed in it in imagination; eventually they resolved to go for it and planned their path with deceit. They tried some vice and repeated it until it became a habit for them. When they sensed the filth and viciousness and heard the rebukes of their consciences, the time had passed; they were now slaves of their sins. They were driven to commit a crime reluctantly. At that they would curse the hour they had begun to listen to their evil thoughts. Men have become wicked, even though they conceal the ugly truth behind masks of false piety. Every man without Christ is a slave of his lusts. Satan toys with their nerves as a storm does with a dry leaf.

Then God’s Son utters his royal word, "At present I am with you and know your bonds. I am able and ready to free you and wipe away your sins. I have not come for a superficial reform of the world, nor to discipline you with a harsher law. No, I aim to free you from the power of sin and the might of death and the rights claimed by Satan. I will recreate you, revive you, so that the power of God in you may be an antidote to sin. Doubtless Satan will tempt you in a thousand ways. You will stumble, but not as slaves, but as children holding the earnest of your new rights."

"You are redeemed for ever, paid by my blood, bought out of the market of sin. You are special to God. He offered you liberty for you to be free children. Freed from sin, I transport you to fellowship with God, for service and thanksgiving voluntarily. I am the one liberator who rescues you from the prison of guilt to the realm of God. I am God’s Son, holding authority to free all who listen to my voice."

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, we worship and praise you, for you are the omnipotent Savior, who on the cross freed us finally from Satan’s tyranny. You have forgiven all our transgressions. You cleanse us so as not to remain slaves of bitterness and hatred, but to serve God as sons freed and rejoicing.


  1. How can we be liberated truly?

QUIZ - 3

Dear reader,
send us correct answers to 17 of these 19 questions. We shall then send you the sequel of this series of studies.

  1. What is the secret of the feeding of the five thousand?
  2. For what reason did Jesus refuse to be crowned king by the multitude?
  3. How did Jesus lead people from a desire for bread to faith in himself?
  4. What does "Bread of Life" mean?
  5. How did Jesus respond to the murmurings of his hearers?
  6. Why did Jesus say to his listeners that they had to eat his body and drink his blood?
  7. How was the life-giving Spirit joined to Christ’s body?
  8. What are the implications of Peter’s testimony?
  9. Why does the world hate Jesus?
  10. What proofs is there that the gospel comes from God?
  11. Why is Jesus the sole person who truly knows God?
  12. What did Jesus predict regarding his future?
  13. Why has Jesus the right to say, "If anyone thirst let him come to me and drink?"
  14. Why did the priests and the Pharisees despise the common people?
  15. Why did the accusers of the adulteress withdraw from Jesus’ presence?
  16. How does the witness of Jesus to himself as the light of the world relate to the knowledge of the heavenly Father?
  17. What does faith in the One who called Himself "I am He" mean?
  18. How did Jesus announce his constancy in the Holy Trinity?
  19. How can we be liberated truly?

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