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JOHN - The Light Shines in the Darkness
A Bible Study Course on the Gospel of Christ according to John
PART 4 - Light Overcomes Darkness
B - The Resurrection and Appearance of Christ (John 20:1 - 21:25)

2. Jesus appears to the disciples in the upper room (John 20:19-23)

JOHN 20:19
19 When therefore it was evening, on that day, the first day of the week, and when the doors were locked where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, “Peace be to you.”

In a room with locked doors, the disciples were seated, discussing the fearful events that had occurred that Sunday. They knew from Peter and John that the tomb was empty. The women corroborated this with what the angels had said, that he had risen. Mary Magdalene further announced her seeing him. This news came as a shock to Jesus’ followers, that the dead one was alive, but had not come to them, the faithful group. But they had been drowsy, when the Lord was arrested; Peter had denied him, and none of them had stood by the Lord at his trials, nor did any of them stand by the cross, except John and the women nor did they help in taking him down from the cross to anoint him. They were fearful of the Jews, thinking persecution would begin as soon as the feast was over. For these reasons, they locked the doors, and gathered despondently in an inner room.

They felt the women’s reports were idle dreams and told one another, "We followed Jesus, and expected him to triumph, and make us his ministers. Here we are failures; they will pursue us to ruin."

In the midst of such despair, and despite their lack of faith and bitterness, Jesus stood among them. He did not come because of their hope and love, but to have mercy on the wayward and show grace to the faithless.

The silent appearance of Jesus in their midst was a miracle. The dead one appearing alive, the rejected one free. No tomb of rock or gate of steel could prevent his presence among his chosen ones. Here he was among them in the room bodily like other humans, seen, heard and touched. At the same time, he was spirit, able to move through walls and doors. His new existence shows us what we shall be, if we abide in him. His resurrection body is our hope.

What a comfort! He that had risen from the dead did not rebuke his disciples for their shortcomings, but greeted them with an Easter greeting, uttering the first words he said to the whole band after the resurrection, "Peace be with you!". This greeting signifies that by his cross, he has reconciled the world to God. Peace began to spread from heaven to earth, and a new age began, offered by Christ to us to accept or reject him. Man is responsible for his salvation. Everyone who repents and believes in Jesus shares in his blessing. He who joins the ranks of the Prince of Peace is justified by his unique sacrifice, as Paul puts it, "Since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, Prince of Peace, we bow before you with joy and thanksgiving, for you did not come to us for judgment and punishment, but you came to pour out your grace and save us from despair and unbelief, to grant us your peace and to establish us in reconciliation with God. Your salvation is not the wages of our efforts, but a gift of grace. Teach our friends and foes to realize your gracious purpose; that they may receive you, that these may not persist in enmity with the Holy God.


  1. What is the meaning of the first phrase that Jesus uttered to the disciples after the resurrection?


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