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MATTHEW - Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!
A Bible Study Course on the Gospel of Christ according to Matthew
PART 1 - The Preliminary Period in the Ministry of Christ (Matthew 1:1 - 4:25)
A - Birth and Childhood of Jesus (Matthew 1:1 - 2:23)

1. Genealogy of Jesus (Matthew 1:1-17)

2 Isaac became the father of Jacob.

He who reads the genealogy of Jesus realizes that the gospel is based on the books of the Old Testament. No one can understand it thoroughly unless he studies this genealogy, just as no one can reach the upper room of a house unless he first comes from its lower door.

By a revelation of God, Jacob alone was designated, prior to his birth, as bearer of the blessing (Genesis 25:23-28). But Jacob did not wait for the fulfillment of the promise with patience and prayer. He hastened and plotted with his mother until he obtained the blessing of the birthright. The grudge, which his brother held against him, was so great that Jacob was compelled to flee. Amidst this flight, God appeared to the schemer, Jacob, and told him that through him the entire world will be blessed. Jacob did not understand the dream, but he fearfully believed in the revelation of the stairway reaching to heaven and in the word of his Lord. He continued on his way and reached the land of the East. There he became a skillful herdsman. He deceived Laban, his uncle and owner of the flock. Laban, on his part, met Jacob with a similar deception by giving him in marriage his first-born daughter rather than the younger daughter they had agreed upon. Later, Jacob married the younger daughter whom he really wanted but only after he labored for his uncle for many years. After long service and difficulty, he longed to go back to the land of his fathers, but God met him on his journey to put an end to his pride and to make him broken and regretful, so he wrestled with him in a dream. Through this spiritual wrestling, the deceiver turned into a humble worshiper, and God gave Jacob a new name, "Israel" which signifies, "he who struggles with God and succeeds as a result of his faith." The Lord achieved his purpose with this deceiver, creating in his soul a longing for the perfect salvation which he caught sight of from afar in the coming of Jesus to the world.

It was Christ in whom Jacob’s dream came true with the angels of God ascending from him to heaven and descending with the blessings of the world (Genesis 28:12-13; 48:15-16; 49:18; John 1:51).

PRAYER: O Holy God, You know my soul that is inclined to lies, deception, and pride. Please forgive me of all my sins. Break my evil intents that I may walk broken in the path of your righteousness. Crush my pride as you crushed Jacob's so that I may become a worshiper and a struggler for the kingdom of your kindness.


  1. How was Jacob made worthy of offering God’s blessing to all men?


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