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MATTHEW - Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!
A Bible Study Course on the Gospel of Christ according to Matthew
PART 2 - Christ teaches and Ministers in Galilee (Matthew 5:1 - 18:35)
C - The Twelve Disciples are Sent out to Preach and Serve (Matthew 9:35 - 11:1)
3. The Methods of Spreading the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 10:5 - 11:1) -- The Second Collection of the Words of Jesus

e) The Sublime Aim of Preaching (Matthew 10:40 - 11:1)

1 It happened that when Jesus had finished directing his twelve disciples, he departed from there to teach and preach in their cities.
(Luke 7:18-23)

Matthew the evangelist put on record for Christ’s messengers and servants the transcendent greatness of Christ, that they might preach the coming of the kingdom of heaven. He did not incite them to get a high salary, but guided them to set up bible study circles in homes and to realize God’s power in believers. He gave them authority to live out what they say. He warned them, at the same time, of those who use tricks, deceit and violence. In the midst of their parting from their relations, He gave them great comfort in their persecutions and confirmed to them His providence, presence and power, that they would not be harmed nor abandoned. He reassured them that every hair on their heads is numbered, that not one of them falls out apart from His divine will and that God Himself dwells in them by His Spirit. He confirms their confession of Jesus who will enter into the hearts of those who receive Him.

Jesus’ disciples set out obeying His orders, and the Lord confirmed their testimony, blessed their services and perfected all that they fell short of during their work. Are you setting out or you are still sitting in your room? Did the distress of the multitudes touch your heart to be merciful to them, or is your heart still hard? Did you experience the life of Christ in the recess of your heart? Then speak out and express it wisely. Do not keep silent. Do not fear the accusers, but comply with God’s design and will. Do you want the Lord to choose some useless as His messengers, because His appointed servants are cowards, and His children hide and make groundless excuses in order not to complete their ministries and hold their tongues about the glory of their Father?

The Lord Jesus orders us to go ahead in His service, even today! Matthew the evangelist summarized Christ’s second speech as an order from the Lord of heaven and earth, which is to be carried out faithfully. Which one of us will be so stubborn to violate the order of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords?

There is a great invitation before us, the invitation of heaven, the invitation of love. Is there any willing to obey, to pray, to testify in the power of the Holy Spirit and carry out His invitation?

PRAYER: O Lord, we thank You for sending Your Son Jesus Christ to our corrupt world. Through Him, You chose apostles for Yourself, shepherds and witnesses. We praise You for Your word has reached us, cleaned us, refreshed us and sanctified us. Please fill us with the power of Your love, give us the will and the determination to confess wisely and declare Your spiritual kingdom on earth. Prompt us and censure us that we can go in the power of Your Holy Spirit and bear the fruits of Your kindness and love. Abide with us and in us. Lead us in the way of life, for You have called us that our weak words may become Your powerful words.


  1. What did you learn from Christ’s order to preach to the lost?


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