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Mark - Who is Christ?
A Bible Study Course on the Gospel of Christ according to MARK
PART 9 - The Resurrection of Christ From the Dead (Mark 16:1-20)

5. Jesus Reproves His Disciples (Mark 16:14)

MARK 16:14
14 Afterward he was revealed to the eleven themselves as they sat at the table, and he rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they didn’t believe those who had seen him after he had risen.

Jesus had called twelve apostles, who shared persecution and many sufferings with him, and witnessed his miracles. One of them betrayed him and hanged himself when he recognized that he was the cause of the death of the Son of God, crying out: “I have shed innocent blood.” His repentance and testimony came too late.

Hell extorted its demon-possessed. Judas did not open himself completely to Jesus, but hated him, and took vengeance on him when he blamed him before everyone. He betrayed him with a kiss.

It was Sunday evening when Jesus came into the closed room without opening the. He suddenly appeared in their midst, and they were greatly afraid. His presence reproved them for their unbelief. His holiness uncovered their impurity, their fear, and their plans for their own future.

Probably they thought of returning to their boats and nets that they might fish once again, but they were afraid of the fanatic religious leaders who had persecuted them.

Jesus reproved them and pricked their hearts and minds for their confused state. He bore their sins on the cross, and forgave them their lying, faults, thefts, and lusts. Now, he saw the growth of the sin that is unbelief in the hearts of his followers.

Therefore, he found himself obliged not to speak to them with love, but to reprove them for their belief in earthly truth, rather than their trust in his divine promises. He condemned them with his words for they did not submit to the testimony of those who were already certain of his resurrection.

He revealed himself to women and men. But the apostles denied the truth because they did not experience it personally. In such denial, they made liars of those who had simple faith.

One of the reasons for their unbelief was their slow hard heart. They were taken up with certain ideas, and mixed the principles of Jesus with their personal thoughts. Jesus asks us to change our minds, deny our own philosophy, hear his words unconditionally, and obey his creative word immediately. Blessed is the man who hears the words of Jesus, understands them, accepts them, believes in them, keeps them, and acts accordingly.

The Holy Spirit wants to move and free us from self-love, that we may love Christ completely, above our love for our parents, relatives, friends, and customs, and commit ourselves completely to the Son of God, that he may make of us as he wills.

Do you know Jesus’ will concerning your life? He wills to create a new heart in you and to renew a steadfast spirit within you, for your old heart is hard, and your mind is corrupt. The resurrection of Christ guides you to new life with God. Your Lord gives you a new will, and a divine understanding. He also gives you the power to carry out his will.

The Easter Day does not only mean our joy in him who was raised from the dead, but also repentance, and new thought out of our new heart, to share truly in the resurrection of Christ. The Lord reproved his disciples that he might save them. He stripped them off that he might clothe them with his life.

Do you believe in the essence of the living Christ? Did you recognize his humility even to death as the only way to lead all men to God? Do you give up your life as eternal possession to him who was raised from the dead? Do you want to share in the victory of resurrection? Then pray with us the following commitment:

PRAYER: O Holy God, you know me, and you know every sin in my life. I am guilty, and only deserve your anger. Yet, Jesus your only Son bore my sin, and you poured out your wrath on him as a substitute for me. He who was crucified delivered me from judgment. I thank you with all my heart, and I commit myself to you my Savior. You loved me, wretched man. You will revive me, and create in me a new heart and clean thought. I thank you because you accepted my complicated life and saved me forever. I worship you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and ask you to keep me in the name of the one Trinity forever, and to use me that many of those who are going astray and are dead in sin may recognize that you are the loving, merciful Father, and may share today in the resurrection from the dead through their commitment to you. Amen.


  1. Why did Jesus reprove his disciples at his first meeting with them after his resurrection from the dead?


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