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MATTHEW - Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!
A Bible Study Course on the Gospel of Christ according to Matthew
PART 2 - Christ teaches and Ministers in Galilee (Matthew 5:1 - 18:35)
D - The Unbelieving Jews and Their Enmity to Jesus (Matthew 11:2 - 18:35)
3. Jesus' Ministry and Traveling (Matthew 14:1 - 17:27)

d) Peter Sinks Down in the Lake (Matthew 14:28-36)

MATTHEW 14:34-36
34 When they had crossed over, they came to the land of Gennesaret. 35 When the people of that place recognized him, they sent into all that surrounding region, and brought to him all who were sick, 36 and they begged him that they might just touch the fringe of his garment. As many as touched it were made whole.
(Matthew 9:21, Mark 6:53-56, Luke 6:19)

The power of the Son of God revealed itself more and more. His name, face, and mercy became known all around the country. The people of Gennesaret believed that if they touched the hem of His garment, the power of God would touch their bodies. Jesus answered their demand, and they were healed through faith without a word being spoken. He who hears the Word of God – even through pamphlets, books, or publications – and believes, shall live forever.

Those that have got the knowledge of Christ themselves, should do all they can to bring others to know Him too. We must not eat these spiritual morsels alone. There is in Christ enough for us all, so that there is nothing to be gained by keeping Him to ourselves. When we have opportunities to refresh our souls, we should bring as many as we can to share with us. More people than we think would respond to these opportunities, if they were but called upon and invited to Christ.

Christ is the proper Person to bring the diseased to. Where else should they go but to the Physician, to “the Sun of Righteousness, that has healing in His wings?” (Malachi 4:2).

PRAYER: O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, we worship You because You are the Lord of the elements. Winds and water obey You. Disease goes away from Your presence. Forgive us our little faith, and teach us to walk towards You without deviation that we may not sink into the sea of troubles, but abide in Your power. Please take our hands when we stumble and fall, for we have no Savior but You.


  1. Why were some believers, who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, made perfectly well?


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