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Treasure Boxes from Heaven
3. KEY VERSES OF THE BIBLE in the Old and the New Testament
A. Old Testament

8. Key Verses in the PROPHETICAL BOOKS OF THE OT (Part 4)

Each verse is presented in major languages of the world. However, in this English overview page the verses are listed only in English. To access a verse in multiple languages, click on the multilingual link before each English verse.

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Key Verses in NAHUM

Key Verses in HABAKKUK

01-143 -- Habakkuk 2:4 -- 5385: Living in Faith
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The righteous will live by his faith. (WEB)

Key Verses in ZEPHANIAH

Key Verses in HAGGAI

Key Verses in ZECHARIAH

Key Verses in MALACHI

02-016 -- Malachi 3:6 -- 1282: God Does Not Change
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I am the LORD, I change not. (KJV)



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