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"I will give to the thirsty of the fountain of the WATER OF LIFE freely." (Revelation 21:6)

BIBLE VERSIONS used in this site

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AVD -- ARABIC: Van Dyke and al-Bustani translation of the Bible (License free)

Source: Waters of Life, Germany

DBY -- ENGLISH: The Darby Bible, 1884/1890 (License free)

Source: Internet

KVJ -- ENGLISH: King James Version(License free)

Source: Internet

LUO -- GERMAN: Luther Translation of the Bible, version of 1912 (License free)

Source: Internet

NAS -- ENGLISH: New American Standard Version

Source: Printed Version

NIV -- ENGLISH: New International Version

Source: Printed version

NKJ -- ENGLISH: New King James Version

Source: Printed version

RSV -- ENGLISH: Revised Standard Version

Source: Printed version

WEB -- ENGLISH: World English Bible: A modernised version of the King James Version (License free)

Source: Internet

WOL -- ENGLISH: Our own translation, (License free)

Source: Waters of Life, Germany

YLT -- ENGLISH: Young's Literal Translation, version of 1898 (License free)

Source: TheWord


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